Fantastic to meet you! I’m Ashley, and I believe that EVERY small business deserves to have a true, professional web presence that not only looks great, but enhances the way you run your endeavor. While there are many options for presenting yourself to potential customers out in cyberspace–like social media profiles and free website builders–there really is nothing like claiming your own piece of internet real estate free of ads and distractions. I’m here to help you through that process.

I am skilled in several coding languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and more. I do dabble in graphic design, and am also able to assist with creating simple logos. My eye for color tends toward modern, fun palettes, but I can rein myself in and create around more traditionally professional tones as well.

If you require assistance with organizing the information and content you’d like to include on your website, I’m also more than happy to help. Don’t leave your virtual guests wondering where to click to find the info they need. Creating a good flow and intuitive user interface is a main goal with every “home” I build. I also believe good spelling and grammar are key to presenting a professional face, and I am well-versed in proper use of the English language. Spell check does not fix all. Don’t let rogue apostrophes and homophones make you look like an amateur!

Please feel free to contact me by email. There is a contact form and information on the Contact page of this site for your convenience.

I am currently in school working toward certifications in medical billing and coding, medical administrative assistance, and an associate professional of human resources. In my spare time, I enjoy laughing with my husband, cuddling my two Border Collies, running [slowly], and writing Young Adult fiction 🙂