The Atlanta area is an amazing place to set up shop. With such large, diverse communities, there’s an endless flow of brand new potential customers for you to woo. But if you don’t have a solid web presence, newbies and locals alike may have a hard time finding you and understanding what you have to offer. A clean, professional, and easy to navigate website gives you the opportunity to make a stellar first impression, and greatly enhances the effectiveness of that all-important word of mouth advertising.

With a wide range of skill sets, I’m here to help get you from zero web presence all the way to pro status. I’m ready and able to assist you and/or your small business with all of your internet marketing needs. From designing your website, logo, and business cards to business photography to writing or editing your informational texts, I’m your girl!

Below are some basic estimates for services I offer. Contact me personally to discuss how I can help you and your business!


  • Website design from $50
    Basic personal blog sites, informational business sites, websites for online booking and payment for service-based businesses, and more. Featuring easy administrative panels for adding and editing your content.
  • Marketing Copy (Text) Services from $10/hr
    Creation or editing/proofreading of marketing content, with attention to proper grammar, spelling, and appropriate tone.
  • Graphic design from $25
    Professional and personal logos, business card design, and miscellaneous graphics.
  • Website Maintenance from $10/mo
    Code updates, content addition, social media services, etc.